Our team has particular experience in the US and UK markets, as founder Steve Clark was born and raised in the UK before spending over 18 years living and working in the USA.

This detailed knowledge of the two markets and their different business cultures gives us a great understanding of how to make business happen across the Atlantic.

Our UK clients have included local authorities looking to attract inward investment and relocation targets, medical device manufacturers targeting the US market, food processing engineering , biotech and construction manufacturers. US clients include marketing agencies, pharmaceutical firms and distributors.

The common theme with all these clients is that they want local business development expertise and great value for money.

If you want to make connections in a new market, and build strong business relationships fast, we can help you accelerate your sales network.

Let’s get together and discuss how the Embassies, Consulates, UK and US Government bodies and trade organizations can unlock support and connections, and how we can drive your sales leads faster on the ground.

For an initial consultation, call Steve Clark on 617-688-0429

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